Share the PUSH holiday card!

We've created a holiday card for our community to send to all of the feminists and activists in their lives, complete with a poem from an award-winning poet Chimwemwe Undi

December 13, 2022


World builders, and light makers,

and bearers of good news:

little rays splitting open

the body like the day,

time ruptured like a parting.

Workers of the routine wonder,

our unlikely generations unfolding,

the baffled fact of us: still, coaxed

and caught in arms outstretched

to pull forward, to push back.

Hoping towards a better welcome

than our own, towards our bettering

tomorrow by tomorrow.

This bright burden. This work.

These small futures, born

grasping the air with their fists.

By Chimwemwe Undi

Chimwemwe Undi

Chimwemwe is a poet, editor, and lawyer living and writing on Treaty 1 in Winnipeg, Canada. Her work has appeared in Brick, Border Crossings and BBC World, among others.

When speaking about the poem and her inspiration behind it, she said she was “moved by the connection between the work of people who give birth, the people who support them, and movement organisations like ICM, which work to ensure the next generation is born into a better world.”

There are two versions of the card: one for printing and one with a fillable space for sharing via email. Please see cards and instructions below:

Print Version:

  • Download the print PDF
  • Print on A4 paper
  • Fold paper in half so that the printed side remains visible
  • Fold in half again to make your greeting card
  • Optional: use a glue stick to perfect the edges of the card
  • Write your note on the blank page inside the card and give to your comrades!

Digital Version:

  • Download the fillable digital PDF
  • Type your message into the text box
  • Save the PDF
  • Attach the PDF to an email or message and send to your comrades!