About push campaign

PUSH is a decade-long global movement for women and the midwives who protect and uphold their rights and bodily autonomy.

PUSH will accelerate progress on reducing maternal and neonatal mortality, advance SRHR, address key barriers to women’s leadership in the global health workforce, and shift underlying gender norms that undervalue women’s rights, lives and work.

With these ambitious goals in mind, it’s time to PUSH

Push for increased numbers of midwives globally
Push for equal pay and better treatment for midwives
Push for the proper funding of the profession



How will it work?

1. Engage traditional and non traditional donors

  • Crowd in and mobilize traditional and non-traditional donors working on SDG 3 and SDG 5.
  • Elevate and align midwifery in donor funding priorities.
  • Elevate the importance of midwifery in multilateral spaces

2. Targeted policy advocacy in key geographies supported by local comms

  • Advance midwifery in key geographies, through advocacy on national level policies, funding priorities, and practices.
  • Bring together key partners nationally and globally to align on goals and work plans.

3. Global communications campaign

  • Shift public perceptions of gender and racial norms and stereotypes around midwifery, framing it as a women’s and human rights issue.
  • Increase public support for midwives from women.
  • Engage women and men as allies and influencers.

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Join the global movement to PUSH - For Rights, For Women, For Midwives #PushForMidwives

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