7 journalists and blogs you should know

We’re amplifying seven journalists and publications covering maternal health and gender equality.

November 15, 2022

Our team dedicates significant effort to researching and sharing current and trusted maternal health and gender equality news and events. We do this for two reasons: to capture and catalogue how women are uniquely impacted by the world around them; and because grassroots, regional, and feminist movements need to understand the issues and challenges resonating with communities and decision makers in order to build advocacy strategies that achieve results. 

Reviewing our media landscape also allows us to amplify the voices of journalists who share factual information connected to the issues addressed by the PUSH Campaign, and other feminist movements. Far too often, the perspectives of women and other marginalised groups are left out of the stories we report on. PUSH, through its global and regional advocacy efforts, aims to partner with storytellers interested in spotlighting underrepresented voices. 

We’re pleased to share the below list of seven journalists and publications that are doing this essential work. Next to each name/media outlet, we’ve included considerations for your own outreach:

  1. Jessica Kutz | @jkutzie: Jessica is a reporter focusing on the intersection of gender and climate for 19th News — a non-profit newsroom reporting on gender, politics and policy. Reach out to Jessica via the email listed in her Twitter bio with stories related to these topics: how the climate crises disproportionately impacts women and girls, women-led projects to combat climate change, and profiles on women and LGBTQI+ climate activists.
  1. Ms. Magazine | @MsMagazine: Ms. Magazine is always looking for reported pieces, features, and social commentary rooted in an intersectional feminist lens related to policy and politics, popular culture and the arts, education, the environment, violence and abortion, to name a few of their key focus areas. They provide clear submission guidelines on their website.

  2. Lynzy Billing | @LynzyBilling: Lynzy is a freelance, investigative journalist and photographer with experience covering sexual and reproductive health for a variety of publications including Vice and Foreign Policy. She is currently based between Afghanistan and Iraq. Reach out to Lynzy on Twitter if you have a story to share about how a major global or regional event is impacting the health and prosperity of women and girls.

  3. Open Democracy | @openDemocracy: Open Democracy is an independent international media platform with journalists located around the world covering underrepresented issues and perspectives. They have a section of themes they prioritise, which includes health and care and gender and sexuality. To pitch a story, read Open Democracy’s submission guidelines.

  4. Liz Ford | @LizFordGuardian: If you’ve worked in the gender equality space long enough, you’ve likely heard of or worked with Liz Ford. She is the deputy editor of the Guardian’s Global Development Desk, and regularly reports on women’s rights and gender equality. Before pitching a story to Liz, read through some of her previous work to ensure your pitch is in line with the types of stories and themes she’s known for covering. 
  1. ProPublica | @propublica: ProPublica is another non-profit newsroom established to “expose abuses of power and betrayals of the public trust by government, business, and other institutions, using the moral force of investigative journalism to spur reform through the sustained spotlighting of wrongdoing”. You can find their staff list on their website where you can research the most relevant reporter for the story you’re wanting to tell.

  2. Malika Bilal | @mmbilal: Malika is an international news journalist and host of the Al Jazeera English news podcast, The Take. She provides a refreshing, socially progressive account of the biggest news stories of the day. We suggest engaging with Malika on Twitter or Instagram if you or your organisation has a unique and valuable perspective to contribute to breaking news. 

PUSH is always looking to learn from other feminist movements and campaigns on how best to challenge the status quo and improve the lives of women. We regularly spotlight grassroots initiatives on our social media channels, and encourage you to connect with us at info@pushcampaign.org if you’d like us to amplify your work, or the work of your organisation. 

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